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      Anne Tierney

      Hi everyone

      I was reminded today of something a colleague and I set out to do before the pandemic, which was interrupted by the pandemic, and now is bringing people together as a community.

      My colleague Louise Drumm and I applied for some money to buy ukuleles from our university research fund (I was working at Edinburgh Napier University at the time). We wanted to use ukuleles to demonstrate active, enquiry-based learning for staff. We were knocked back for money, and then I left for a new job at Heriot Watt University. Louise Drumm contacted me in the new year to ask if I was still interested in the project as she was going to apply for money from Edinburgh Napier’s Teaching Fellows’ Fund.

      I said yes. We got the money. The pandemic hit. Louise invited colleagues to join the Ukulele group, but online. As we had to post the ukuleles to the participants homes, we got 16 instead of 25 ukuleles. However we also got nine people who had their own instrument but wanted to learn to play. We are now in week 4 of the Teach Yourself Ukulele Summer School and today we had our first video from one of my former colleagues playing along to a happy tune. We communicate on discussion boards, swap tips, talk about our progress, and it is just lovely to see people enjoying themselves.

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