Submission Format

Along with your name and contact information, those submitting proposals for presentations will be asked for a title (15 word maximum), an abstract (100 word maximum), which will appear in the Conference program, and a 500-word summary of your presentation. In addition, you will be asked to rank the conference formats described below according to your preference. For further information, see the Proposal Preparation page.

Conference Format

There are a number of venues available for presenters for the conference. Please note that each format has different requirements. Detailed information about each is presented under the rubric “Resources for Presenters.” Click to access the relevant pdf on this page.

Roundtable Discussions

  • These sessions are 60 minutes in length and allow the presenter to talk for about 15 minutes about a teaching method or related topic, followed by discussion and sharing with small groups of conference participants sitting around the table.
  • Selection for leading a Roundtable discussion is based on an abstract describing the topic to be presented and the questions that will be used to initiate and guide the discussion.


  • All IUT workshops emphasize hands-on, experiential learning, guaranteeing participants walk away with ideas and skills they can apply in their classrooms. Workshops held during the conference can be 60 or 90 minutes in length.
  • Workshops are accepted based on an abstract describing the goals and learning outcomes of the workshop as well as a description of the activities participants will engage in.

Digital Showcase

  • Digital media, social computing, and virtual worlds have already had a tremendous impact on teaching in the 21st century, as well as on student learning and expectations. Faculty who have reached out to their students through this rich media can show off their teaching in this new medium through this very lively format. Think of this as a multimedia poster!
  • Faculty may present work in a visual, digital format (slide show, movie, etc.) that showcases their teaching methods or their students’ work. Presentations are generally limited to the 15 minutes.
  • Acceptance is based on a brief abstract describing the project along with the final product uploaded to a flash drive.

Poster Sessions

  • While the poster session is open to all, we strongly encourage new faculty and graduate students to use this opportunity to present their work at an international conference. The IUT Poster Prize will go to the presentation that best reflects the conference theme.
  • Selection of posters is based on the submission of an abstract describing the research that will be displayed.

Paper Sessions

  • Acceptance is based on an abstract and, if possible, a longer description of the topic. The papers are paired around a common conference theme or sub-topic.
  • Participants will give a 30-minute summary of their own papers. Paper sessions conclude with a 30-minute Q&A session at the end. Since we strive for panels with complementary papers, these sessions foster lively discussions and linkages.
  • Papers accepted for Paper Sessions will be included in an online Conference Proceedings published on the IUT website following the conference at the authors’ request.