Ginny and Bill McKeachie Award

McKeachie award logoThe Ginny and Bill McKeachie Award honors two special benefactors of IUT.  Wilbert J. McKeachie taught psychology at the University of Michigan for more than 40 years, during which time he served as president of the American Psychological Association the American Psychological Foundation, and the American Association of Higher Education. He also helped guide IUT.  His wife, Ginny, first suggested that the conference become international and attended the conference faithfully with Bill. Their bequest to IUT makes the award possible.

In keeping with the McKeachies’ interests, the award will recognize outstanding contributions toward improving university teaching and learning at our annual conference.  Anyone presenting at the conference may apply, though preference will be given to those currently in their first three years of teaching (including graduate students).

Award finalists will be selected by the IUT Advisory Board on the basis of their submitted proposals. The winner will then be chosen at the conference based on the quality of their presentation. The award comprises $500 USD, a 50% reduction in the registration fees for 2021, and a certificate. If you are interested in being considered, please indicate this in your registration.  Questions concerning the award should be addressed to or use the contact form below.


Congratulations to Irene Nikandrou and Leda Panayotopoulou of the Athens University of Business and Economics for their winning paper entitled A Systematic Intervention for Engaging First-Year Students — The Context Matters. The paper described an experiential training intervention designed by the authors for students in their first year. The intervention is intended to ease the transition from the more narrow and protected environment of family and school to a wider, more complex and impersonal environment the students encounter at the university by helping students to develop new competencies in both self-analysis and interpersonal relations. Congratulations Irene and Leda!


The inaugural 2018 Ginny and Bill McKeachie Award was awarded in 2018 to Nicole Mitchell, Phillip Ebbs, and Samantha Burbidge of Charles Sturt University for their paper Beyond PBL: Using New Spaces and Learning Design to Improve Student Outcomes.