Poster 7:

The Impact of Flipped Classroom in Blended Learning on Student Experience

Tsung Kheng Yew, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

A flipped classroom model in Blended Learning was introduced in the practical component of a Physics course “Fundamentals of Physics” at Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia campus, as replacement for lecturer-centered teaching method, to enhance interaction and engagement for better student experience. An action research approach was taken. This poster presents the process involved i.e., the creation of online learning content and activities, designing weekly lesson plans and implementing face-to-face sessions over 12 weeks within the course. Following that, a survey, consisting of quantitative and qualitative questions, was conducted to obtain feedback of students’ experience and for the purpose of improving delivery. Results show that most students had a positive experience, with an average rating of 8.38 on a satisfaction scale of one to ten. Additionally, 25% of respondents used the term “fun” to describe enjoyment.

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