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Honoring Padua

Virtual Tour of Padua/Padova

Let us invite you for a virtual tour of Padua (Padova to Italians). As you know, until March of this year IUT had expected to in Padua July 1-3, and we had begun to organize tours of the city and its environs.  Then the coronavirus intervened.  But this beautiful city is still on our minds, and we still hope to hold our next face-to-face conference in Padua—whenever that may be.

In the meantime, we wanted to pay tribute to the city and its university— the second-oldest university in Italy and our once and future host—which will be celebrating its 800th birthday in 2022.  So we have assembled this slide show to give you a virtual taste of the some of the places that we might have enjoyed seeing this summer, and hope to visit soon.


Beethoven, “Turkish March” (1809), a performance gift to our conference, played by Hedi Salanki-Rubardt and Blake Riley, members of the music faculty at the University of West Florida, USA.

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