Multi-Level Knowledge Transfer in a Blended Learning Environment

Birgit Pitscheider, University of Innsbruck, Austria


The possibilities offered by Web 2.0 tools and methods in teaching environments have the potential to change the traditional, mostly unidirectional form of knowledge transfer. Today, students come to class with a strong background in internet-based tools and can enrich the teaching/learning environment, if they are provided with the opportunity, the structures, and the motivation to do so. This paper describes a self-reinforcing knowledge and skills transfer framework in a blended-learning business communication class. Firstly, knowledge transfer occurs on several levels (teacher — student, student — student, student — teacher, student — IT administration team, etc.). Secondly, the framework develops its own dynamics and generates a new quality of knowledge transfer that necessitates a redefinition of the teacher’s role as a primary knowledge transfer agent.

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