A Systemic Intervention for Engaging First-Year Students: The Context Matters

Leda Panayotopoulou* and Irene Nikandrou, Department of Marketing & Communication, Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece


In this paper we present the theoretical framework of a training intervention designed for first-year students in their first semester. Our vision was to help them in their transition from a narrow and protected environment (family and school), to a wider, more complex and impersonal environment (university). First, we need to look at first-year students as bio-psychosocial systems, in order to understand the elements that shape their behavior. Then, we identify the skills to be developed. The proposed model is based on the general principles of systems theory and what is called “organized complexity.”

Keywords: Engaging first-year students, student transition, systemic training, organized complexity *Corresponding author. Email: ledapan@aueb.gr