Transforming Minds — Interactive Craft Education in India

Saroj Bala* and Lisha Malhotra, Pearl Academy, India


There is a danger of traditional crafts losing their value as the technology occupies more space in the Indian education system. How can traditional crafts be taught in innovative ways to make them attractive to the young generation?  After all, this is the generation which has to take forward the rich craft heritage of India.  The paper will explore various avenues of bringing younger students into contact with that heritage, including  the hand-painted “kalamkari” pictures and narration of stories, keeping in view the “essence” and “fragrance” of craft. Craft education at an early age can stimulate creative thinking and contemporary application.  It deserves and requires our support if it is to survive.

Key Words : artisans, kalamkari, education, heritage, crafts

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