eLearning for Students by Students

Carol Wakeford, Sam Clarke, Kate Hilton, Dan Levin, & Ian Miller, University of Manchester, UK


Research projects enable students to experience first-hand the excitement and challenges that are power for the course. Increasing student numbers has put pressure on faculties to diversify the range of projects on offer, whilst maintaining the essential qualities inherent in student-lead research. These include discipline-based plus transferrable skills, like critical and creative thinking, problem solving, communication and project management. eLearning Projects involve the design, construction and evaluation of online resources to support aspects of the undergraduate curriculum, such as practicals, assessments or key concepts. Students are supported in seminars and workshops based on active and collaborative learning. This paper describes student project work in which students design, create, pilot and evaluate elearning resources to support the teaching, research or public engagement activities of their project supervisor. Although the projects featured here support the biosciences, the format is transferrable across the disciplines, so, as technology moves forward, student elearning projects provide a vehicle to renew and refresh online materials.

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