An Initial Certificate of Teacher Development: the UNAB Experience

Roberto Espejo, Mariana Ahumada, Guido Fuentealba, Carolina Cáceres, Carolina Pino, & Mauricio González-Suarez, Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile


In this paper we present the experience of the training team in university pedagogy at the Andrés Bello University (Chile) concerning the design and implementation of an initial certificate of teacher development. This certificate is awarded following the completion of three courses: “Planning and Syllabus Design,” “Active Methods for Learning,” and “Pedagogic Strategies in Virtual Environments.” Each course is intended to promote a standpoint wherein teachers consider students as individuals who can take control of their own learning, considering methodological strategies as well as up-to-date materials and contents. In our paper we also discuss assessment and follow-up work for this process.

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