Feedback As A Learning Tool:

Promoting Student Enthusiasm and Improvement in Online Instruction through Effective Assessment and Feedback.

Clifford Tyler and Terry Bustillos (National University, USA)

Learning and assessment are academic and social processes that take place in interactions between students and instructors in face-to-face classrooms. This paper will examine the potential benefits of creating structures for personalization within an online learning environment that is asynchronous, in order to maintain retention and provide feedback and assessment in Masters of Arts Teaching Program. Within this online environment, assessment techniques to minimize student isolation and possible withdrawal will also be discussed. This paper will also review the Program from 2009 to 2016 providing student perceptions relative to specific competencies secured, which were required in the profession.

Note by Note: Sustainable Assessment Practices in Piano Performance Lessons and Class Piano Settings.

Blake Riley and Hedi Salanki-Rubardt (University of West Florida, USA)

Assessing students’ progress is generally a difficult task for all areas of education, but it is particularly challenging in music. What makes a good artist? How do we measure talent? How do we set appropriate individual goals? In our discussion, we will focus on two different areas of music training: 1. Piano Performance Lessons: assessment of advanced level sight-reading skills, technical ability, expression, style, focusing, accuracy, memorization, tone quality, stage presentation. 2. Class Piano: assessment of basic theoretical comprehension, functional technique, accuracy of pitch and rhythm, scales, chord progressions, basic level sight-reading.

00:49:43 Anne Tierney: Hello everybody!
00:51:23 Noela Haughton: welcome everyone! And we are in the right room!
00:58:24 Noela Haughton: blackboard Collaborate Ultra
01:09:21 Anne Tierney: Yes it is. Lovely!
01:26:44 Noela Haughton: Looks like our field really nice to re-assess the role and value of grades. Grades seem to get in the way of assessment and learning
01:30:48 Anne Tierney: Congratulations!
01:30:53 Elke Kitzelmann: congrats
01:46:54 Maren Lickhardt: Yes, that’s what my students told me, too.
01:51:49 Maren Lickhardt: wow
01:58:19 Anne Tierney: Thank you, everybody.
01:58:44 Elke Kitzelmann: Thank you very much
02:00:01 Birgit Pitscheider: Thank you and good night from Austria 🙂

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