Day Two: Thursday, 22 July 2021

Digital Showcase 1: Responsive Blended Learning on an International Campus

Xia Sheng Lee (Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, Malaysia)

The proposal is to showcase strategic implementations that support Heriot-Watt University’s ethos of Pioneering Education and Positive Education. Heriot-Watt University’s very own Responsive Blended Learning (RBL) combines active, supported online learning with contextually appropriate face-to-face learning opportunities, responding to the changing external context. This approach enables students to proceed with their studies alongside their peers regardless of specific pandemic-related contexts. EmPOWER, a program that encourages its students to hone their soft skills, is a well-structured program that is aimed at future-proofing graduates, unleashing their potential, and preparing them to have an impact in a highly uncertain world.

00:16:57 Bruce Lee:

Webinar: Rapid Upskilling and Reskilling in the New Normal with Technology: AR/VR

Free Online Beam Calculator
00:20:47 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2021: Stunning campus!
00:25:42 Noela Haughton: Very cool!
00:26:15 alex mudd: Yes great promotional material
00:28:12 alex mudd: Thanks looks like a really interesting article
00:34:00 alex mudd: snow in Malaysia? I guess she must be overseas 🙂
00:34:49 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2021: Fantastic!
00:35:51 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2021: yes
00:41:02 Noela Haughton: Very cool!
01:05:20 alex mudd: true
01:08:10 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2021: Time reminder: 10 minutes to go
01:13:14 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2021: Time reminder: 5 minutes remaining
01:14:30 Noela Haughton: I love the collaborative real-world elements
01:16:13 Bruce Lee: Noted
01:18:40 Noela Haughton: Thank you! I really enjoyed this and the connections beyond the classroom. See everyone tomorrow – maybe 🙂
01:18:48 Karen Hayes: Thanks you 🙂
01:18:53 alex mudd: thank you
01:19:01 Ooi Wei: Thanks for sharing, Bruce
01:19:07 Karen Hayes: Love to see you tomorrow Noela 🙂
01:20:16 Ooi Wei: It gives me new ideas, thanks Bruce!
01:23:05 Noela Haughton: Me too! Amazing! What a culture
01:25:00 Ooi Wei: Thaks all.
01:25:03 alex mudd: Thanks 🙂