Day One: Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Part 3: Americas


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02:58:00 Cosma Gottardi: I’ve got a long question too 🙂
03:02:01 Cosma Gottardi, UofGlasgow: I’m very new to concept mapping!
03:02:09 Anita Campbell: I have not used it much
03:24:32 Cosma Gottardi, UofGlasgow: Could someone kindly spell the name of the tool, please?
03:25:09 Karen Smith (she/her) UBC, Vancouver: I believe it is this one:
03:25:10 Karen Smith (she/her) UBC, Vancouver:
03:34:05 Noela Haughton:
03:51:31 Dr. Deema Al Shawan: Is the instructor involved in any way with peer assessment?
03:53:06 Noela Haughton: The peer assessment uses the grading criteria that I use. All assignment grading criteria are posted. For example, there grading criteria for concept mapping and the course project.
03:55:12 Dr. Deema Al Shawan: Thank you
03:58:20 Cosma Gottardi, UofGlasgow: I saw your email, James, (thanks!) and then checked my spam; and found all the info 🙂
03:59:11 Anita Campbell: Thank you very much for your insightful work and fresh ideas.
03:59:20 Deema Al Shawan: Great session!
03:59:26 Cosma Gottardi, UofGlasgow: Yes, thank you indeed!!!
03:59:27 June Levitt, Ph.D., LDT, CCC-SLP: Thank you!
03:59:32 Karen Smith (she/her) UBC, Vancouver: thank you for the presentations!
03:59:46 Noela Haughton: Thank you all for attending!
04:00:31 Corine Coniglio: Thank you, everyone, for providing lots of food for thought.
04:01:41 Olivia Wang: Thank you very much for the great presentations!