Conference Opening and Keynote 1

Regaining Control, Restoring Spirits: Student Engagement in Pandemic Times.

Chng Huang Hoon (National University of Singapore)

The vast and swift disruptions COVID-19 brought to our lives require no further elaborations–by now, all of us have at least one story to tell about it. The more important question is how we are responding to these disruptions, to reclaim what we feel we have recently lost. This session will share the challenges experienced in teaching and learning, and the attempts my colleagues have made to rethink their teaching in service of student learning, by tapping into the affordances of the virtual space.

00:18:48 Prue Gonzalez: Hello Everyone – welcome to the IUT Conference!
00:23:19 Prue Gonzalez: Hello everyone – welcome to the IUT Conference. It’s great to have you here!
00:23:46 pvochh: good morning everyone, thanks for ringing in so early/late from wherever you are
00:32:34 Kelly Linden: Thanks Prue, looking forward to a great 3 days!
00:40:47 Prue Gonzalez: I’m looking forward to this conference and hearing about global experience.
00:41:35 Kelly Linden: My role is the Sub Dean Learning and Teaching at Charles Sturt University, and I am looking forward to this conference.
00:42:19 ashleigh: Academic head at a fashion education institute
00:42:34 Caren Weinberg: I am a Senior Lecturer – innovation & entrepreneurship! loving life and glad to be participating!
00:42:50 Ghaith Zakaria: I’m a Learning Designer at Victoria university, it is a lovely day here at Melbourne
00:43:17 joanneloh: Hi I’m an Assistant Prof from MacEwan University, Edmonton Canada. Originally from Singapore 🙂
00:51:33 Noela Haughton: yes
00:51:37 Ghaith Zakaria: yes
00:51:40 Caren Weinberg: no!
00:51:41 Sonia Wikie: yes
00:51:48 Ed Gehringer: It works very well … for mature students.
00:51:49 Prue Gonzalez: Yes
00:51:56 Kelly Linden: Not for everyone
00:51:59 ashleigh: Yes in some instances. difficult with creative learning
00:56:43 James Wilkinson: How to know that students are learning seems to me a KEY concern. How indeed? Fewer opportunities online find out, I would say.
01:02:08 Ed Gehringer: Yes, I know Peter! He is great.
01:05:19 Ed Gehringer: Oh, depends on the weight of O2 vs. air. I don’t remember my physics well enough …
01:06:38 Prue Gonzalez: This is great!
01:06:52 Ghaith Zakaria: excellent
01:06:53 Kelly Linden: Wow, this is so fun and interesting
01:07:15 ashleigh: Excellent and interesting – a long time since I have engaged with physics 🙂
01:07:27 Noela Haughton: yes – assuming they have the access they need
01:07:50 Sonia Wikie: what a fabulous class!
01:09:07 ashleigh: I do think that using online to complement F2F will be a part of T&L going forward
01:14:36 Noela Haughton: I have always used a mixed approach. I find online tools provide grade support for f2f activities.
01:14:40 Kelly Linden: We will have lectures and tutorials online. Some practical classes face to face
01:14:48 Ed Gehringer: I actually have no idea … things are in so much flux at my university. But, I do appreciate the challenge of doing Hyflex effectively.
01:14:56 ashleigh: With social distancing we will need to continue online for many of our students as we lack the physical space to bring everyone back.
01:14:58 Sonia Wikie: we are half way through teaching this yes – at this stage distance teaching will continue for a long while yet!
01:15:01 Caren Weinberg: will continue to do mentoring sessions online – but hope lecturers will be in person
01:15:07 James Wilkinson: I can imagine integrating online with f2f but wouldn’t want to do online exclusively if I don’t have to.
01:15:12 Prue Gonzalez: I would like to teach online but offer the opportunity for students to come into class f2f if/when possible
01:15:14 joanneloh: Mine will all be online.
01:22:56 Sonia Wikie: Thankyou for your presentation!
01:23:08 ashleigh: Thank you – very enlightening
01:24:14 Caren Weinberg: thank you! great insights…
01:24:31 Ghaith Zakaria: Great presentation, thank you
01:24:37 joanneloh: Thank you for a great presentation!
01:24:49 Noela Haughton: Comment/Question: finding the balance between standards (delivering on learning goals) and empathy. I think I am ok so far but I do struggle somethines
01:28:40 ashleigh: Comment – engaging with students in the online space. sometimes I feel that educators (those used to F2F) are unsure in the space and tend to overload the students to compensate for the lack of physical/classroom contact
01:31:50 Ed Gehringer: At NCSU, they have stopped charging for parking.

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