The Road to Flexible Delivery of an Accredited Medical Laboratory Science Degree

Wouter Kalle and Noelia Roman (Charles Sturt University, Australia)

The Bachelor Medical Science (Pathology) is a professionally accredited (AIMS) degree taught at Charles Sturt University since 1998, and one of the first to be offered by distance education. In 2018 a course review began with the intent to increase content, flexibility, and workplace learning while still delivering engaging high quality content. An innovative new framework evolved that will enable students to complete the extended degree in 3 years FT (6 years PT equivalent) through the use of technology and innovative delivery.

00:40:57 Kelly Linden: Thanks for the plug Noelia!
00:42:58 Prue Gonzalez: Looks fantastic! Really great use of intentional technology.
00:47:29 Sonia Wikie: yes! what is the name of the simulation tool?
00:47:34 Sonia Wikie: virtual labs?
00:49:08 Prue Gonzalez: @Sonia – I’ll make sure we ask Noelia – it looks fantastic
01:06:29 Denise Wood: Likewise Prue – what fascinating and creative work – how wonderful! Well done Noelia and Wouter – fantastic teaching!
01:20:27 Kelly Linden: Thanks so much for a great presentation. Sorry, I have to drop out for 30 min. I will see everyone at the next session!


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