Adaptive Anatomy: Transforming Laboratory-Based Subjects for Online Students

Kelly Linden (Charles Sturt University, Australia)

Traditionally anatomy is taught using time intensive laboratory classes. But in the midst of global pandemic, can anatomy be taught online? Twenty-one adaptive online anatomy lessons were created to assist students in preparing for a high-stakes, end-of-session practical exam. High resolution images of over 500 anatomical structures provided students with the opportunity to learn the content using a combination of drag and drop and type in the answer style questions. Students were overwhelmingly engaged with the lessons, and self-reported improvements in their learning and exam preparedness through repeated use of flexible and adaptive learning resources.

00:27:42 Noelia Roman: Oh dear I will need to change the colours in mine.
00:28:04 Wouter Kalle: X linked recessive due to unequal cross over…
00:37:02 Wouter Kalle: Love Duncan’s marihuana plant
00:37:22 Phillip Ebbs: I want to know what happened to Duncan!
00:55:03 Kelly Linden:
01:17:58 Wouter Kalle: The importance of everyone trying to do the right thing
01:18:13 Wouter Kalle: See Ryutger Bregman’s: ‘humanity a hopeful history’
01:27:49 Prue Gonzalez: Cheers, Jim!
01:28:52 Noelia Roman: Thank you so much for all your work Jim. I am hoping in 2021 we can all have a drink together again.
01:28:55 Prue Gonzalez: I’ve already googled this book Wouter 🙂
01:29:17 Denise Wood: can you post it again Prue- coming in late I can’t see the link (as we noted)
01:29:41 Prue Gonzalez: Here you go:
01:29:43 Prue Gonzalez: The importance of everyone trying to do the right thing See Ryutger Bregman’s: ‘humanity a hopeful history’
01:32:04 Wouter Kalle: It is Rutger Bergman, dutch historian/journalist
01:32:15 Wouter Kalle: Bregman, shoot
01:37:50 Wouter Kalle: Thanks All, I have to go, great meetingg you all.
01:38:06 Prue Gonzalez: Thanks Wouter!
01:39:46 Denise Wood: The spaces between presentations where it was possible to talk to individuals really worked well.
01:40:34 Gregory Auhl: I agree Denise
01:40:40 Noelia Roman: yes! so much more affordable!
01:43:49 Noelia Roman: So sorry I have another meeting but I look forward to 2021, this has been fabulous. Thank you
01:44:03 Prue Gonzalez: Thanks Noelia!
01:45:07 Denise Wood: I have really like having the option of calling into the different time zones and as long as I could take awake joining in with the discussions! Thank you to the team, and all th work done to create this opportunity.
01:45:38 Sonia Wilkie: yes agreed!
01:47:03 Sally McCarthy: Thank you so much everyone for achieving a wonderful conference despite of COVID, it was really rewarding and what a resource for the future!
01:51:45 Sonia Wilkie: Thankyou James and the organisers!


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