Who Wants To Be A Consultant?
Promoting Student Participation and Feedback

Caren Weinberg (Ruppin Academic Center, Israel)

In this scheme each student group selects a case to analyze. After review they present the main elements to the class. To inspire increased student engagement, several students are assigned to be “consultants’”and required to read each of the cases in advance and prepare questions. Following each presentation, the consultants ask probing questions. This allows the presenting group to expand on their presentation, practice thinking on their feet and democratizes the classroom. For the consultants it is a real-world experience in preparing questions and leading discussions. Overall feedback is also collected, and both the presenters and the consultants consistently appreciate this element.

00:19:34 Anne Tierney: Hi Noelia
00:19:46 Noelia Roman: hi again Anne
00:19:47 Anne Tierney: Hi Michael
00:33:28 Janina Tosic: YEAH Lean-Startup 🙂
00:37:13 Noelia Roman: I love that idea of short sharp presentations
00:48:29 pvochh: how did you build trust to enable all this?
00:49:11 Janina Tosic: Very good question! I have the Feeling that it is the way she builds a relationship with her students. The attitude towards them, rather the how and not the what…
00:50:26 pvochh: Face issues are real in my context and peer issues are real according to my students – students are generally not comfortable about being too honest.
00:51:13 pvochh: hahaha, Caren anticipates my comments both times!
00:56:02 Sigal Tifferet: Great talk, thanks!
00:59:44 Sigal Tifferet: OK – so I will improve my feedback…
01:00:01 Sigal Tifferet: Great slides, very eyecatching and help attention
01:00:15 Sigal Tifferet: Many examples of things I can consider for my courses
01:00:24 Sigal Tifferet: Bothe emotional and cognitive ideas
01:00:42 Anne Tierney: Yes sometimes we ignore the affective domain
01:00:46 Janina Tosic: ❤️ @Sigal
01:01:41 Noela Haughton: linking facts (what presented) to emotions (how presented)
01:01:42 pvochh: perhaps a challenge in giving feedback is when one has to deliver something that did not work but have to couch it in constructive terms.
01:02:21 pvochh: in other words, having to give a constructive spin to what is essentially bad news
01:03:46 Elizabeth Black: Yes- are the students confident to identify what needs to be improved?
01:05:06 Anne Tierney: My apologies, there are 10 minutes left.
01:09:33 Sigal Tifferet: Great idea!
01:12:36 Elizabeth Black: Thanks!
01:12:44 Birgit Pitscheider, Innsbruck University: Thank you very much!
01:13:07 Noela Haughton: Thank you!
01:13:14 pvochh: thanks Caren!
01:13:15 Claudia: Thank you!


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