Panel Presentation 2:

Teaching through an Epidemic: Adaptability, Access, and Creating a Virtual Community

Janina Tosic (West Ruhr University of Applied Sciences, Germany) and Anne Tierney (Heriot Watt University, Scotland)

The online pivot affected university teachers across the globe. In this interactive presentation, we will share how we have dealt with this challenge and taken the requirements of teaching during an epidemic into account. The presentation will be as participatory as possible. Our aim is to feature a rich exchange of views with and among those attending.

00:28:39 Todd Zakrajsek: Whenever I drive through campus it feels sad to see no activity. That is NOT what a campus is supposed to look like.
00:28:42 Noela Haughton: I was on spring break in London. got back on March 12th; got emails while there about classes moving online; I was personally banned because of traveling London lol!
00:29:46 Noela Haughton: we are still unable to be on-campus except for the one day (1 hour) we were allowed to get stuff from our offices
00:32:09 Noela Haughton: Good for bike riding. No bumping into any pedestrians
00:32:14 Petra Weiss: I started a new job in Switzerland, was there just for about 6 weeks and then stayed in Germany since then. But I also had and have a very good contact to the new colleagues; we’re still mainly in homeoffice and doing all workshops online; the whole lockdown was prepared very well from our administration and rectors.
00:32:27 Noelia Roman: I felt overwhelmed by all the extra meetings people were adding just to have contact with us instead of the standard corridor conversations.
00:32:54 Petra Weiss: We started an online coffee meeting with the colleagues.
00:33:43 Noela Haughton: UT had 2 days to get their classes ready for online. This was a struggle for many
00:34:10 Elizabeth Black: I had just returned from strike action and was looking forward to getting back to normal. That was Monday. On Tuesday evening my daughter ran a temperature and we had to stay in the house for two weeks. By the time we came out, everyone was locked down.
00:34:49 Petra Weiss: At our university they also had started teaching, the semester had started, too.
00:35:28 Noela Haughton: I am safest for my students and their struggle. Everything else for me was mostly fine
00:35:41 Noela Haughton: saddest – not safest
00:36:41 Elizabeth Black: My students are child care practitioners and many continued to work full time as essential workers, while continuing to study.
00:37:09 Petra Weiss: practical courses are really problematic
00:37:54 Susan Jamieson: My students are key workers too, Elizabeth. – doctors and nurses
00:38:29 Edward Gehringer: NCSU: On March 5, we were asked to make a continuity plan in case we had to go online. I did it, thinking there was a 1% chance we would use it. Then on Mar. 11, they announced that we would extend spring break 1 week, then be all online. Since I had online sections for both of my courses, it was not that much trouble, but I did have to cut out a week of work because of the extended break.
00:39:59 davidnicol: I was also more touch as had more to do, created a learning design planner for online, devised a set of guiding learning principles etc. Had some great experiences working with people to design online then went in as student to see how it worked then, collaborated on an improved design. Ended with a great set of resources for others in Business School while had opportunity to test new feedback innovations in the online context.
00:41:38 Noela Haughton: The importance of being kind; this is always important but was even more so now – for everyone. However, I had to balance with retaining standards. I think this is a life lesson in professionalism for all of us.
00:42:08 Petra Weiss: This is a good point Noela.
00:43:00 Noelia Roman: I agree Noela, it was very difficult
00:43:57 Elizabeth Black: Yes Noela – balancing this kindness with maintaining standards was something I tried really hard to achieve.
00:44:11 davidnicol: @rick_yes that is a good point-I felt the same Rick.
00:45:31 Noela Haughton: I also realize how fortunate I am. I try not to forget but sometimes I do
00:46:49 Susan Jamieson: Yes – I run a fully online programme and should be OK wirking online, but I’ve had huge IT problems – broadband issues and files not syncing 🙁
00:50:23 Noela Haughton: I created a “COVID-Funnies” forum in each of my three courses. I posted videos and pictures and encouraged others to do so. Here is an example:
00:50:44 Noela Haughton: I also extended deadlines – many times.
00:52:25 Tzachi milgrom: Did you have to meet lack of honesty in assignments and exams?
00:52:50 Susan Jamieson: We had no detriment too, Anne
00:53:39 Noela Haughton: We did too. Some courses were automatically pass/fail; other courses had a no-credit grade option, which would not impact GPA
00:54:28 Susan Jamieson: We were supposed to have a virtual tea-break, but it became yet another teaching meeting and it was quite pressurised – never a chance to just chat
00:56:14 Petra Weiss: I like this kind of teabreaks!
00:56:31 Birgit Pitscheider: It is amazing what people -we – do outside of university. We do have a life next to our job 🙂
00:56:44 davidnicol: @AnneT_I saw that Heriot Watt had good resources for teaching online. I passed some to UofG staff. Very clear . Also, I forgot to say I used some of these, gave them to peopl who were writing resources as a feedback ‘comparator”. It had the desired effect.
00:59:02 Anne Tierney: @DavidNicol Thank you! I’ll pass it on to Rosemarie
01:17:08 Rick Shelton: Magical thinking everyone will comply and play nice
01:18:21 Ed Gehringer: But, at that age range, the mortality rate is far under 1%
01:20:31 davidnicol: Thanks Janina and Anne
01:20:50 Noelia Roman: this has been so valuable. well worth the early morning! thank you
01:21:27 Noelia Roman: what about the recordings?
01:21:28 Tzachi milgrom: good night everyone (it’s 23.30 here)
01:21:35 Noela Haughton: thank you!
01:21:53 Birgit Pitscheider: Thank you. And those of you who would like to continue this kind of conversation, Michael and I are having a roundtable tomorrow on this. CU

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