Roundtable 5:
One Study Program—One ePortfolio:
Lifelong Learning with an ePortfolio Accompanying the Study Program

Katharina Thülen and Silke Bock (Technical University of Central Hessia)

When individual artefacts from ePortfolios of completed modules are fused into an ePortfolio accompanying a study program, this offers students and teachers special opportunities for reflection. Such a holistic view of the acquisition of competences over the entire study program, in conjunction with the feedback from teachers and peers, also offers extensive opportunities for individual development and a first approach to lifelong learning. However, at the same time it constitutes a challenge in terms of course design and technology. In this roundtable we will analyze the concept of an ePortfolio with a special focus on its contribution to sustainable learning experiences initiated by a variety of assessment tasks. The transferability with regard to the different subjects and teaching and learning contexts of workshop participants will be jointly worked out and critically discussed.

00:14:27 Anne Tierney: Hi Caren, we have four courses, Learning to Learn, Reimagining Feedback and Assessment, learning Spaces, Scholarly Inquiry
00:24:10 Sigal Tifferet: Sounds intriguing!
00:25:39 Janina Tosic: Hi everybody! I have an important Meeting for my second role outside of academia. I will stay on the call but Need to turn my camera off. Talk to you again in a bit / the next session. Thanks Anne, for moderating alone during this session!
00:25:44 Anne Tierney: Hi Elizabeth
00:26:11 Anne Tierney: No worries, Janina
00:30:26 Anne Tierney: Hi Noam
00:33:13 Anne Tierney: Hi Tzachi, Noelia
00:33:32 Noelia Roman: hi again Anne
00:36:33 Anne Tierney: Hi Ashley
00:36:49 Anne Tierney: Hi Birgit
00:38:41 Elizabeth Black: That’s a really nice feature, to be encouraged to build on previous work, without having to start something different each time.
00:42:24 Alexandra Lehmann: Thats sort of one of my Questions: How to you grade self Reflexion and Motivation?!
00:42:58 Anne Tierney: Hi Mike
00:49:27 Alexandra Lehmann: 🙂
00:50:09 Elke Kitzelmann: does the learning curve of the individual student play a role for the grade
00:51:24 Elizabeth Black: Might motivation be evidenced anyway by the quality of the materials produced?
00:51:26 Tzachi milgrom: A portfolio following studying is a very powerful tool. How do you make it a life long professional activity?
00:55:12 Alexandra Lehmann: I Always come back to the Motivation of the students. I often notice that students just want to pass the assessment and dont want to be “forced” to reflect on themselves. Sometimes they even ask me if ist possible NOT to write a Portfolio, but to write an Essay instead. It seems to be easier to them and not so time consuming.
00:55:19 Sigal Tifferet: LinkedIn can serve as a platform for a professional portfolio, documenting lifelong learning
00:56:21 Alexandra Lehmann: @ Sigal: What About data security? Thats one of the main Topics of our university’s officials – dont use any Programmes that Arent sufficant to data security…
00:56:38 Elizabeth Black: I find that true of written essays as well – good presentation, spelling, structure can be seductive as well
00:57:31 Elizabeth Black: About guarding your assumptions as a marker
00:57:47 Sigal Tifferet: @Alexandra, I would not use it for reflections, but I would use it for uploading student projects that they are willing to share. I think they can be persuaded by the benefits for reruitability
00:57:58 Petra Weiss: I also have the experience that portfolios are not always preferred by participants e.g. in workshops.
00:58:01 Sigal Tifferet: 8recruitability
00:58:10 Tzachi milgrom: @ Sigal, that’s avery good idea. Maybe this should be taught at university as everyone will need it along his/her proessional life.
00:58:22 pvochh: The idea of portfolio feels to me to be inherently developmental, always a work in progress – in this spirit, grading seems contrary to the idea of a portfolio.
00:59:17 Elizabeth Black: The opportunity to seek feedback from those outside academia also seemed a strength of this format
00:59:34 Alexandra Lehmann: @ pvochh: grading is more and more a Problem – would love to NOT have to grade my students for every assessment.
01:00:39 Alexandra Lehmann: raising my Hand! 😉
01:06:45 Alexandra Lehmann: @ Birgit and Michael: Would this work for your masters Programme?
01:07:14 pvochh: i think there are two senses of portfolio – 1. a body of work produced over time (like an artist producing different drawings across time) and 2. the different component tasks a student completed for a course.
01:07:20 Anne Tierney: sorry, Huang Hoon we’ll get you in the conversation
01:07:29 Birgit Pitscheider: We are not responsible for the Master Programme but I use portfolios in my course
01:07:43 pvochh: no problem!
01:17:11 Elizabeth Black: What are the restrictions relating to copyright within an e-portfolio? particularly if it can be shared in a public forum?
01:20:04 Elizabeth Black: someone is happy!
01:21:35 Alexandra Lehmann: so far – have to do some more thinking, thanks!
01:22:04 Birgit Pitscheider: thank you
01:22:18 Elizabeth Black: thanks!

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