Roundtable 6:
Never Waste a Crisis: A Grassroots Movement for Teachers to Foster Online Community Spirit

Birgit Pitscheider and Michael Habersam (University of Innsbruck, Austria)

When Innsbruck University’s instructors were forced to switch to distance teaching overnight, naturally not everyone possessed the necessary skills to deal with the online environment. Seeing her colleagues like Michael struggling, Birgit set up an LMS-based course for teachers. It originally contained some forums and some train-the-trainer modules and soon developed into a community course in which various instructors have shared their knowledge, added modules with screencasts and offered live webinars. The course has demonstrated the potential among faculty members to learn with and from each other. How can we foster grassroot movements? What are the challenges? These are some of the questions to be discussed at the roundtable.

00:17:13 Eric Burton: I still heard your question but couldn’t response anymore, sorry (2 year old son round here) – I’m part of the Innbruck crowd actually
00:17:15 Tzachi milgrom: Hi!!
00:17:40 Anne Tierney: Welcome Eric!
00:17:46 Silke Bock: Hello (again)
00:17:58 Anne Tierney: Hi Elizabeth, Silke
00:18:21 Anne Tierney: Hi Edward
00:18:56 Noela Haughton: very pretty
00:21:11 Anne Tierney: Hi Alexandra
00:21:27 Alexandra Lehmann: Hi again – sorry Im late…
00:22:46 Alexandra Lehmann: tried Adobe connect – couldnt get in; tried pexip – could get in; tried – students couldnt get in – so I started with moodle only…
00:23:51 Anne Tierney: Not at all, Alexandra, welcome.
00:25:03 Janina Tosic: Sorry you were so stressed, Alexandra!
00:25:12 Janina Tosic: Tech Problems are the worst…
00:25:33 Alexandra Lehmann: once we officially got zoom – everything sort of went smooth…
00:25:36 Anne Tierney: Hi Noam
00:25:50 Anne Tierney: Hi Elske
00:26:26 Petra Weiss: I also hope for ZOOM, but I think, our university won’t accept it….
00:26:47 Noela Haughton: lifelong learning
00:26:52 Alexandra Lehmann: I have a colleague at another uni – they bought webex, and it doesnt work
00:27:06 Alexandra Lehmann: the “funny” Thing is: they are at a tech university
00:28:32 Janina Tosic: We have webex at my Uni and I only use the Meeting Version as the teaching Version seems so complex… Love Teams though. Zoom is easy to use but raises some data privacy concerns as the Company sells our info (like which Software we have on our Computer, which applications we have open while we are on this call) to other companies like Facebook…
00:28:34 Petra Weiss: We should use Microsoft Teams, but we used Adobe Connect and now Jitsi…; this problem with the chat is not nice, it works in Adobe Connect.
00:29:15 Alexandra Lehmann: we have a “Special” contract with zoom, even prtestant church as our financer is Content with
00:29:23 Alexandra Lehmann: it
00:30:55 Petra Weiss: This sound interesting for me; thanks a lot!
00:32:07 Sandra Webster: R is open access so students can use it on their own computers easier than other statistics packages. Jamovi is and introductory version.
00:32:52 Alexandra Lehmann: I heard that the DFN (German Research Net), where we get our Adobe Connect from, wont support AC any more at the end of this year
00:33:28 Alexandra Lehmann: the DFN tried to make a contract with zoom, but of Course Right now zoom makes more Money with making seperate contracts with different universities
00:33:30 Petra Weiss: The same in Switzerland.
00:34:42 Sandra Webster: Universities seem to expect faculty to use technology without pedagogical support. Having the software without teaching faculty the best practices is not efficient.
00:41:57 Alexandra Lehmann: Maren, you do the talk for Group 3 😉
00:42:37 maren lickhardt: i Gould nur ist is More interesting what you have to say
00:42:39 Alexandra Lehmann: we were, too!
00:43:02 maren lickhardt: oh god, auto correction
00:43:06 Janina Tosic: 🙂
00:44:01 Alexandra Lehmann: my Internet Connections failing again and again, so maren, please
00:44:21 maren lickhardt: ok
00:44:37 Janina Tosic: Love this idea to start grassroots movements at the Uni
00:45:28 Janina Tosic: Innovation methods for all students
00:46:07 Noela Haughton: long list
00:46:25 Janina Tosic: <3 Noela
00:46:29 Elizabeth Black: I love the angry coffee 🙂
00:46:31 Ed Gehringer: @Noela +!
00:56:47 Wendy Anderson: sorry to leave early – have to go to our students’ online graduation ????!
01:06:13 Janina Tosic: Go ahead Elizabeth, take over the world 🙂
01:06:13 Sandra Webster: It is always good to have a team, include students. Know the resources and values of your institution and show how your goal aligns with the institution.
01:06:15 Petra Weiss: blended learning as a good tool for students and teachers
01:06:54 Janina Tosic: Instrument of future appraisal!!!!
01:08:16 Elizabeth Black: Exactly Janina!
01:08:42 Alexandra Lehmann: prepare for another digital Semester, as it is Always easier to switch from digital to f2f than the other way round
01:08:54 Noela Haughton: People in government are not always the best thinkers
01:08:57 maren lickhardt: yes!!!!!
01:10:59 Elizabeth Black: Time is always a barrier
01:11:38 Birgit Pitscheider, Innsbruck University: STep 3: 1.Supporting forces: Who might support your topic/ your concern? How to make use of supporting forces? 2. Obstacles: What / who could stand in your way? How to overcome these obstacles?
01:12:58 Alexandra Lehmann: cant think of new Goals and supporters – Im too tired from this Semester, I Need time to relax and get strength again
01:15:12 Sandra Webster: It is good to have an advisory board for the innovation to get more support and institutional knowledge.
01:16:39 Sandra Webster: There is research on sustainable academic change and passing the leadership from initiators to others.
01:16:55 Alexandra Lehmann: Thanks!
01:17:00 maren lickhardt: Thank you!
01:17:06 Sandra Webster: Thanks!
01:17:12 Silke Bock: Thankyou, that was very inspiring.
01:17:18 Anne Tierney: Really enjoyed that! Thank you!
01:17:43 Elizabeth Black: Thanks Birgit and Michael!
01:17:56 Janina Tosic: Thank you Birgit!! I sometimes lose my Passion to excite others and inspire Change outside of my own teaching context!
01:18:35 Alexandra Lehmann: it was soooooo great to “see” you again and talk with you! it gave me at least some Energy back 😉
01:18:46 Alexandra Lehmann: Thanks, Jim, for keeping on with this conference!
01:19:04 Elske Ammenwerth: Have to leave, thanks for the nice Workshop!
01:19:19 Anne Tierney: Thanks Elske, lovely to meet you!
01:19:48 Alexandra Lehmann: exactly: thanks to anne and Janina for being in here, too!
01:27:18 Elke Kitzelmann: thank you everybody for this amazing conference – it was so nice meeting you !
01:28:58 Elke Kitzelmann: in my courtyard the kids are playing ‚dance monkey‘
01:31:30 Noela Haughton: I am glad we went into the open sea
01:31:38 Anne Tierney: Me too
01:31:46 Janina Tosic: Me too 🙂
01:31:59 Birgit Pitscheider, Innsbruck University: Thank you to everyone & especially to the organisation team for having the idea & courage to do this. It has been our first online conference and we enjoyed it so much!
01:32:01 Alexandra Lehmann: … or we meet in Finland?!
01:32:19 Noela Haughton: 2022 Padua!
01:32:29 Anne Tierney: Finland the year after? Do you have a contact Alexandra?
01:32:51 Alexandra Lehmann: I thought last year it was the plan – 2020 Padua, 2021 Finland?!
01:33:26 Anne Tierney: Ah, we hoped we would have a host in Finland but it fell through.
01:33:28 Birgit Pitscheider, Innsbruck University: You all did fine
01:33:46 Noela Haughton: I was in the wrong room too, Hilarious!
01:33:52 Alexandra Lehmann: o. okay. I can live with Padua twice 😉
01:34:19 Birgit Pitscheider, Innsbruck University: Where is the wine?
01:34:26 Petra Weiss: Thanks a lot, everything is fine!
01:34:36 maren lickhardt: rhanks
01:34:57 Noela Haughton: Me too Sandra!
01:35:53 Silke Bock: so good to share all this, thanyou very much
01:36:13 Petra Weiss: I have to leave! All the best!
01:36:17 Elizabeth Black: Yes – a great end to a difficult semester – well put!
01:36:29 maren lickhardt: and it was really nice to get to know you! Thank you for making ist possible, jim
01:36:30 Anne Tierney: Bye Petra! Lovely to meet you!
01:37:09 Noela Haughton: We may consider a hybrid moving forward? Include virtual sessions within the f2f
01:37:12 Alexandra Lehmann: :oDDDD
01:37:22 Alexandra Lehmann: the whole conference just for me!
01:37:47 Silke Bock: @Noela, that’s a great idea.
01:38:19 Janina Tosic: Yes, hybrid would be fantastic, I think! Love how this makes an international conference more inclusive and sustainable!
01:38:47 Elizabeth Black: A hybrid would be a great approach for future – inclusive for sure!
01:38:51 Sandra Webster: Online Conference Hosting Sites are filling up reservations for 2021. I don’t know about this one.
01:43:20 Alexandra Lehmann: Were sort of reluctant to let go… ;o)
01:43:51 Alexandra Lehmann: Greetings to the States! Bye to all of you – and see you in the Forums!
01:45:06 Elizabeth Black: Bye Alexandra!
01:45:25 Alexandra Lehmann: Will send you an email, Elizabeth
01:45:29 Noela Haughton: Cheers, Everyone!
01:45:39 Birgit Pitscheider, Innsbruck University: All the best for the final sessions!
01:45:40 Janina Tosic: Bye everybody! My video Office hours starts in 2 minutes so I have to leave on time. It was a pleasure to meet all of you, some of you again. Looking forward to the next conference 🙂
01:45:46 Anne Tierney: Bye everyone!
01:45:47 Elizabeth Black: Thanks to you all – it has been unforgettable for all the right reasons!

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