Embedding Assessment In Course Design & Assessing Online Learning

Tools for Detecting Exam Plagiarism WITHOUT Proctors

Edward Gehringer, Mounika Bachu, and Guoyi Wang (North Carolina State University, USA)

With unproctored exams, cheating is a risk. Proctoring software (webcam based, etc.) can be used, but it’s not perfect. Another way to detect cheating is to compare students’ answers with each other. Commercial tools exist for comparing answers on multiple-choice tests. Tools for detecting homework plagiarism can be adapted for use on essay exams. In addition to standalone tools, there are plugins for LMSs, like Unicheck. Finally, Gradescope allows instructors to grade online, and compares students’ answers to identify pairs of students whose mistakes are suspiciously similar. Attend this presentation and learn how to improve the integrity of your exams

Challenges in Teaching Online: Cryptocurrencies, Social Justice, and Interdisciplinarity

Reed Taylor (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA)

Since the emergence of digital currencies 30 years ago, sociopolitical interest in cryptocurrencies has grown from a novelty to a mainstream platform for global exchange. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have the potential to promote social justice at the macro and micro levels though bypassing censorship and reducing transaction costs. Students enrolled in a capstone course in BA in Interdisciplinary Studies program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock are given a small amount of Bitcoin (approx. 7 – 12 USD) and tasked with finding a way to use Bitcoin to promote social justice in their local communities.

01:09:33 Noela Haughton: no
01:10:29 Sandra Webster, PA: no. chat is hard on a tablet.
01:11:19 Miriam Hickey: No
01:24:34 Miriam Hickey: Apologies!
01:25:12 Miriam Hickey: So I would like to know approximately how many questions would be required to use these checking tools for MCQs? Thank you!
01:30:40 Elke Kitzelmann: thank you very much
01:30:59 Olga Hilas: Thank you for a great session, Ed!
01:31:08 Miriam Hickey: Thank you.

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