Roundtable 7:
High-Impact Practices in Online Education

Olga Hilas (St. John’s University, USA)

A number of universities and colleges have recently transitioned to online instructional delivery methods in order to meet their students’ needs and academic requirements. This roundtable will focus on engaging participants in a discussion on the value of high-impact practices (HIPs) in online pharmacy education, as well as a review of recent research and best practices for transitioning HIPs to online learning environments.

00:32:42 Noela Haughton: Welcome everyone!
00:33:24 Michael Lenaghan: Please pass me a virtual snack, Noela!
00:33:58 Noela Haughton: Next summer!
00:36:43 David Nicol: Where did that term come from – was it Chickering and Gamson?
00:37:46 David Nicol: Is it low instructor workload – high learning activities?
00:38:29 Noela Haughton: huge increase in workload; but it is worth it in the end for me
00:41:16 Noela Haughton: also the difference between undergraduates and graduate students
00:44:41 David Nicol: I would like to contribute
00:59:38 Noela Haughton: yes
00:59:40 Miriam Hickey: Yes
00:59:54 Sandra Webster, PA: yes
01:00:02 Rick Shelton: yes
01:04:08 David Nicol: Yes but my framing is quite different from Kuh. The devil is always in the detail, in how it is implemented. Key elements more important than HiPs as they are more like the Chickering and Gamson principles whereas Kuh’s stuff is about the instantiation of those principles
01:07:00 Michael Lenaghan: On line service learning is feasible. Online interships.
01:08:42 Michael Lenaghan: Also on-line oral history mini-assignments that are then shared and discussed on discussion board or small chats.
01:11:27 Michael Lenaghan: Recent Humanities-Edge Undergrad Research project by Mellon Foundation supported scholar topic identification, interlacing Humanities and other discipline with a 5 week faculty mentored project. My schoar did Humor and Healing – Is laughter best medicine or t least non lethal?
01:12:46 Rick Shelton: Here at SUNY Poly we set up a co-curricular “Study the Virus” program this summer co-taught across disciplines. The students pick their own course interests.
01:15:55 Noela Haughton: i love the “study the virus” name – that alone is interesting
01:16:20 Rick Shelton: It is an interesting concept
01:17:27 Rick Shelton: everything from photo essays to research is included. We pair the instructors to the students interest and merge shells to get all students into one shell to interact
01:18:45 Noela Haughton: which is cool because the use of multiple sources is also a real-world skill
01:27:05 Michael Lenaghan: My telehealth injection was tricky. Otherwise YES!
01:28:30 Noela Haughton: I do love the news release! It’s almost a letter to your future self
01:29:46 Miriam Hickey: Hi there – could you tell us a little about the learning outcomes used for example for the evolving and diverse case-based learning activities?
01:30:07 Michael Lenaghan: Academic library faculty I call info consultants for my students – to which they have rightful accss for success.
01:32:23 Noela Haughton: Thanks for your question Miriam!
01:32:37 Miriam Hickey: Thanks!
01:37:25 Olga Hilas: Thank you all for your wonderful input and questions!
01:38:08 Noela Haughton: Thank you for your wonderful presentation, Olga. Really great ending for this initial virtual IUT.
01:40:34 maren lickhardt: Thank you Dir your effort. the online-version of the conference was a great chance to participate. ist was very interesting and a pleasure!
01:42:02 Sandra Webster: My college is going back to face to face instructions two weeks early. How about the rest of you?
01:43:09 Ed Gehringer: 10 days early, & some F2F classes, we still don’t know how many.
01:43:11 Noela Haughton: we are starting one week early with an on-campus presence. However, we end Thanksgiving with exams the following week
01:44:20 Noela Haughton: we may have to have hybrid to ensure social distancing, depending on class space and enrollment
01:58:38 Rick Shelton: Bb World had started moving to hybrid last year
02:03:11 Olga Hilas: This has been an extremely valuable experience! Looking forward to next year’s conference.
02:03:35 Cliff Tyler: Wonderful conference!
02:03:35 Miriam Hickey: Thank you!

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