Day Three: Friday, 23 July 2021

Roundtable 11:  But What About the Day After Corona?

Avraham Roos (Herzog Academic College, Israel)

Teachers are slowly getting used to Zoom teaching, using digital tools to actively involve their students through distant learning. Whereas at the beginning, teachers were searching for digital tools to complement their usual lessons and facilitate distant teaching, by now many have found a comfortable way of using these tools and are beginning to see the advantages. Some have started asking themselves “how will I go back to regular teaching after this?” In this roundtable discussion, we will investigate the advantages gained from these tools and try to find techniques to copy these into our future face-to-face lessons.

00:21:52 Avraham Roos:
00:24:24 Birgit Pitscheider: Could it be that we don’t have the persmission to do it? Or am I too old, digitally challenged to do this? 🙂
00:24:36 Alexandra Lehmann: Can’t do the pinning either…
00:24:52 Charlie Rathgeb-Weber: Same here
00:25:11 Janina Tosic: Mönchengladbach, Germany
00:25:12 Anna: Aberdeen, UK
00:25:13 Alexandra Lehmann: Dusseldorf, Germany 🙂
00:25:15 Birgit Pitscheider: Innsbruck, Austria
00:25:17 Charlie Rathgeb-Weber: Innsbruck, Austria
00:25:18 Elizabeth Black: Glasgow, Scotland
00:25:19 Russell Bisset: Innsbruck, Austria
00:25:19 Maria Belgrano: Austria, Innsbruck
00:25:28 Sigal Tifferet: Israel, near the beach 🙂
00:25:34 Lucie Viktorová: Olomouc, Czech Republic
00:25:45 Bastian Mrosko: Innsbruck, Austria
00:25:49 Anne Tierney: Tullibody, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
00:25:56 Michael Habersam: Innsbruck, Austria
00:26:00 Diane Scharf: Innsbruck, too
00:26:42 Anita Campbell: 3km walk from Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town
00:27:03 Nicola Cousins: Hopeman, Moray, Scotland (at my beach hut for the weekend!)
00:33:22 Anne Tierney: Oh yes, sneaky!
00:33:29 Birgit Pitscheider: VERY smart
00:33:31 Lucie Viktorová: Cool trick 🙂
00:38:07 Avraham Roos: 71460024
00:39:56 Christian Seubert: correct, thanks, birgit!
00:44:40 Lucie Viktorová: I love the “mute students” – I would actually appreciate more of them talking 😀
00:45:08 Charlie Rathgeb-Weber: Yes – especially in language training
00:47:20 Avraham Roos:
00:59:50 Sigal Tifferet: Room 4: what is gradescope?
01:00:50 Lucie Viktorová: I guess this:
01:01:03 Birgit Pitscheider: but what is nice about the breakout rooms is that you don’t hear everyone else from the other small groups
01:01:38 Lucie Viktorová: @Birgit: true, and there’s always space for them.
01:01:41 Russell Bisset: Exactly, Birgit, and there’s no time wasted in waiting for them to choose groups
01:01:49 Elizabeth Black: Students also have a lot more privacy in their discussions in breakout – rather than overseen by teacher.
01:02:00 Alexandra Lehmann: … or waiting for them to come back! 😉
01:02:10 Jen Walklate (Aberdeen, she/her): Something else I just thought about is that I’ve been able to bring students into class who are unable to attend in person for illness/injury reasons, but who are well enough to come online. So, there’s a lot of accessibility advantages too.
01:02:42 Birgit Pitscheider: Very clever idea, Avraham
01:02:46 Lucie Viktorová: @ Jen: Right. So many of my part-time students were so happy that they can join the class from home
01:03:21 Lucie Viktorová: The whiteboard idea – look at Dylan Wiliam and his formative assessment, this in one of the tools he uses as well
01:04:08 Diane Scharf: Yes, being able to join in from home, especially when participants are from different countries is a big plus.
01:05:14 Anne Tierney: 1 minute reminaing
01:07:31 Alexandra Lehmann: God is a “He”?! ;o)
01:08:39 Jen Walklate (Aberdeen, she/her): Thank you!
01:08:47 Janina Tosic: Thank you
01:08:48 Anita Campbell: Dankie Avraham
01:08:51 Diane Scharf: Thank yo so much for this session, Avraham. I would love tobe in your courses.
01:08:53 Birgit Pitscheider: What a wonderful Input!
01:08:54 Alexandra Lehmann: Thanx! :o)
01:08:56 Maria Belgrano: Thank you!!
01:09:02 Sigal Tifferet: Great Talk!
01:09:05 Caren Weinberg: A+ Anne
01:10:21 Birgit Pitscheider: This was such a great interactive session. I hope that I will implement many of your ideas, Avraham!
01:10:37 Sigal Tifferet: Can someone link to the posters?
01:10:53 Avraham Roos: Thank you all!
01:12:21 Sigal Tifferet: Prehistory 🙂
01:17:02 Janina Tosic: Poster link:
01:17:38 Sigal Tifferet: Tx!
01:18:21 Sigal Tifferet: Janina, this opens up the registration for me
01:18:35 Lucie Viktorová: You’d have to login first…
01:19:00 Janina Tosic: yes, Sigal you have to Login to the conference Website before you Can view the Posters. They are only visible to conference participants and not openly accessible for anybody
01:19:29 Sigal Tifferet: Got it, Tx!