Day Three: Friday, 23 July 2021

Roundtable 12:  Overcoming the Online Challenge

Eleni Stavrou (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)

This session provides practical insights into innovative teaching practices, which bridge the gap between theory and practice through the presentation of various tasks and strategies designed to re-motivate and re-engage the ESL learner within online and/or face to face contexts. The session will focus on pedagogies that embrace real-world English language resources such as popular song and other forms of entertainment media as learning prompts to enhance the attainment of course objectives in EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses. Using real world sources impacts learner engagement and motivation and offers a chance for students to enrich their learning experiences.

02:07:00 Janina Tosic: Love this Helen! Use where the students are at to get their buy-in
02:27:24 Janina Tosic: I really love the creative aspect of these tasks. I would love to incorporate these kind of things into teaching physics…
02:29:32 Ooi Wei: Very inspirational sharing!
02:29:51 Jen Walklate (Aberdeen, she/her): This has been a really great presentation, will be thinking about how to apply this in Museum Studies!
02:30:23 Jen Walklate (Aberdeen, she/her): Could you put the questions in the Chat, Helen?
02:30:43 Anna: Thank you for a splendid and very interesting presentation. In case it is helpful in your research, I think it is quite common to use popular songs in the teaching of Swedish as a foreign language. IF you would like feedback and observations I could perhaps put you in touch with a network of Swedish teachers.
02:31:00 Helen Stavrou: What motivational strategies do you apply in your classrooms?
02:31:09 Elizabeth Black: Thanks Helen!
02:31:41 Helen Stavrou: Do your students seem to engage in these resources in their free time?
02:32:33 Ooi Wei: HI Helen, How do you incorporate these innovative strategies to achieve the relevant learning outcomes? Thanks.
02:36:47 Birgit Pitscheider: It’s almost like a springboard
02:37:23 Ooi Wei: Thanks Helen.
02:38:41 Anita Campbell: In a small group, face-to-face tutorial, I will let a student choose a YouTube music video to play in a break, sometimes as a reward for volunteering to present their answer. I worry a bit about copyright issues but the sessions were not recorded …
02:40:04 Helen Stavrou: They were not recorded…
02:41:16 Birgit Pitscheider: it is for free
02:41:59 Helen Stavrou: Thanks
02:43:54 Alexandra Lehmann: I use a Scene of “Matrix” (movie) for introducing the Topic of reality to students
02:47:22 Nicola Cousins: That’s a great one Anne!
02:48:33 Anne Tierney: @Nicola the students always love the artefacts
02:49:30 Anne Tierney: Hunterian Museum at Glasgow University has/had a student-run pop-up museum which we had as a post-conference activity. Great fun.
02:50:24 Nicola Cousins: That sounds great Anne – do the students select what goes on display?
02:50:56 Elizabeth Black: This reminds me of Caren’s Coca-cola activity from the other day as well.
02:51:14 Nicola Cousins: Yes! I am going to do something like that.
02:51:22 Anne Tierney: The students are mainly but not always Masters Museum Curation students, so they have access to artefacts and can choose their favourites. They also have a curator who accompanies them,
02:52:04 Nicola Cousins: I am thinking this could work in our zoology dept museum.
02:52:11 Jen Walklate (Aberdeen, she/her): We usually do an exhibit in the library here every year with our collection. It’s one of the most popular courses we do. We’ve had to go online because of access issues.
02:52:24 Anne Tierney: Yes! I have another example I’ll tell.
02:52:36 Jen Walklate (Aberdeen, she/her): (When I say we, I mean our MLitt Museum Studies students, apologies)
02:52:49 Jen Walklate (Aberdeen, she/her): (Though we have had other courses use the collections for displays too)
02:53:20 Nicola Cousins: I would happily do that course @Jen – I am *well* into history and artefacts just now. Have been listening to “You’re dead to me” on BBC sounds!
02:58:27 Elizabeth Black: Lots of people passionate about buying stuff!
03:01:33 Nicola Cousins: Yes because research is HARD and writing work up can be boring *and* hard
03:01:48 Helen Stavrou: and so time consuming….
03:02:43 Anita Campbell: I love Janina’s DJ idea. It can also work wll on Zoom, I think!
03:03:53 Michael Habersam: It’s called NIght of the Profs (instead of ‘Proms’, I guess)
03:04:00 Janina Tosic: Yes! Helen mentioned that she lets students choose music to put on for a break. Music is just a great aspect that many of us share… Humanizes the classroom 🙂
03:04:11 Helen Stavrou: Absolutely !
03:04:13 Alexandra Lehmann: This is an older video, and it is Kind of not-diverse, but still – how much “amusement” in class is neccessary and when is it too much?!
03:04:30 Nicola Cousins: I am also a spinning instructor and music is SO important for motivation in exercise. Maybe I can deliver a lecture with students on spin bikes?!
03:04:34 Janina Tosic: Exactly, Michael! That’s what they calles it
03:04:58 Lucie Viktorová: @ Alexandra: OMG I love this video!
03:05:02 Alexandra Lehmann: The Video is About “Teching teaching and understanding understanding”