Day Two: Thursday, 22 July 2021

Roundtable 8:  Team-Based Learning: Benefits and Challenges in a Remote Learning Environment

Tina Caliendo (St. John’s University, USA)

In a post-COVID world, successfully incorporating innovative teaching practices that actively engage students in both face-to-face and remote learning environments has been challenging. Team-based learning (TBL) is one approach that can be used across various educational settings to improve the quality of online course content, improve educational outcomes, and prepare students to become life-long learners. In remote learning environments, students can collaborate synchronously or asynchronously by optimizing the use of technology and fostering effective team dynamics. Therefore, educators must be prepared to address common and unanticipated challenges that may emerge in order to encourage TBL strategies and promote student success.

Roundtable 9: Re-Imagining Debate as a Challenge-Based Learning Activity

Katy Shorey (Northeastern University, USA)

This session is about re-imagining class debates. Why do class debates fail? Are they worth saving? This semester, my students and I are designing a series of class debates that promise to be surprisingly careful, educational, slow, and thoughtful. The assignments created to scaffold the debates are easy to implement across the disciplines and brings together a variety of active learning and challenge-based learning events. The audience will take away these assignment models, a model for how students design a debate activity, and evidence of the power of the class debrief.

00:40:29 Martha Brenckle: The Business College at UCF uses team-based learning in very large courses. I have done small group projects, but that doesn’t seem to be the same thing.
00:43:42 Matthew Winslow he/him: What do you think you would get if you had the students complete the peer assessment about themselves?
01:00:39 Patty Farless: This was an amazing talk!
01:00:51 Matthew Winslow he/him: THANKS!
01:00:59 Martha Brenckle: Thank you so much!
01:01:02 Patty Farless: Thank you for insights
01:01:47 Patty Farless: Thank you again!!