Day Three: Friday, 29 July 2022

Part 1: AUS/NZ/Asia

Part 1:

00:14:38 Amita Krautloher: Hi all, please post your locations on the Padlet
00:14:48 Amita Krautloher: Marissa and I have already made a start
00:28:01 Amita Krautloher:
00:30:01 Cecilia (GFD Coordinator): Hi, where can I find the handout?
00:30:31 Ruth Crawford: Cecilia just uploaded it for you
00:31:24 Cecilia (GFD Coordinator): Thanks so much!
00:52:53 Karthika Krishna Pillai: Running to another meeting. See you all later. Great to meet everyone.๐Ÿ™‚
01:09:04 Marissa Samuelson: Handouts for you Dennis and anyone else who joined after I first shared them ๐Ÿ™‚
01:11:45 Dennis Wong: Thanks a lot Marissa. Downloading now.
01:16:09 Tim McLennan: Thank you! That was excellent!
01:16:18 Amita Krautloher: Thanks Tim
01:17:48 Andrew Lee: Thank you Amita, Ruth & Marissa for sharing this insightful approach.
01:18:29 Marissa Samuelson: Thank you Andrew!

Part 2:

02:39:06 Tim McLennan: Apologies if I missed that comment on funding earlier! Thanks for clarifying Miracle! Itโ€™s great to hear you experience. And you made some really engaging content by the looks of things!! Such a cool project.
02:39:38 Wei Lin: Thank you!
02:39:42 Miracle Wong: No worries. That was a great question. Thank you all for the opportunity! ๐Ÿ™‚
02:42:09 Kai Lin Ong: Tom, grab the opportunity? ๐Ÿ™‚
02:50:05 Thomas Wong: Yes! I hope I can make it next year! ๐Ÿ™‚
02:50:55 Kai Lin Ong: Putrajaya is a fantastic place!
02:51:05 Kheng Yew Tsung: You
02:51:13 Kheng Yew Tsung: will love our food!

Part 3:

03:44:53 Karthika Krishna Pillai: Would be great to have a CoP with the teaching only academics.
03:45:50 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2022:
03:47:01 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2022:
03:53:24 Andrew Lee: Hi Tim, is there a particular literature that you refered to when writing the questionnaire for your research?
03:56:27 Wei Lin: thank you!
03:56:41 Tim McLennan: Thanks all – awesome poster session!
03:57:03 Revathi Amathalai: Thank you everyone
03:57:15 Aisyah Zulkipli: Thank you! Have a good day everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Part 4:

04:43:58 Birgit Pitscheider: Very interesting, Christina. Can you post the link?
04:44:38 Birgit Pitscheider: I am talking about the conference link. Sorry, still early here
04:53:57 Christina Gitsaki:
04:54:13 Birgit Pitscheider: Thank you
05:13:48 Christina Gitsaki:
05:39:51 Birgit Pitscheider: Sorry, I didn’t want to send the attachment during the talk – talking about pace and use of technology …
05:49:34 Amita Krautloher: Very interesting session Fadia
05:52:21 Anne T: One year, our best student evaluation was for an instructor who did not teach on the course but had been left on the questionnaire by mistake. ๐Ÿคฃ
05:52:54 Birgit Pitscheider: ๐Ÿ˜‚
05:53:03 Khadidja Merakchi: ๐Ÿ˜
05:53:20 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2022: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Maybe both…
05:54:04 Khadidja Merakchi: I personally things the NSS questionnaire needs improvement. Perhaps developing some awareness among students to why we do those surveys….
06:01:56 Anne T: Hi Michael!
06:07:35 Birgit Pitscheider: How can we raise awareness that mean comments are mean?
06:09:44 Birgit Pitscheider: Good point, (smiley) Doug!
06:14:22 Christina Gitsaki: Great discussion!
06:15:13 Amita Krautloher: Agree Kheng
06:15:45 Birgit Pitscheider: Thank you, Kheng. Wisdom has never been my strong point โ˜บ๏ธ
06:17:49 Kheng Yew Tsung: I got an A ๐Ÿ˜‰
06:18:21 Birgit Pitscheider: Congratulation, Kheng
06:19:16 Kheng Yew Tsung: @Brigit, the other option is to ignore the comment ;p
06:20:14 Anne T: I agree with Doug’s comments – in a previous institution we got terrible NSS scores and the teachers were blamed but it turned out it was issues with admissions and IT provision – both out of the control of teachers.
06:20:30 Birgit Pitscheider: @Doug: Sorry for laughing but it just shows that sometimes the evaluation is influenced by factors that we are not responsible for.
06:22:28 Birgit Pitscheider: @all: At University of Innsbruck, you as an instructor can decide after reading your evaluation if you want to make it public or not. You just tick a box on the form.
06:22:29 Kheng Yew Tsung: One positive thing about student evaluation is that it can help us with reflecting on our practice and allow us to improve
06:26:30 Birgit Pitscheider: @Kheng: I think student evaluation is essential but apart from the official evaluation, I ask my students to give me feedback and to evaluate my students during the course so that I can change my teaching. This is the most interesting feedback for me. But I have to add that I have got very small classes with approx. 15 people and there is a great sense of trust.
06:30:21 Kheng Yew Tsung: @Brigit: yes, sometimes informal feedback as you describe may be a more effective and less threatening method
06:33:40 Birgit Pitscheider: You can’t have the cake and eat it, too
06:34:58 Anne T: We’re ok thanks
06:35:19 Christina Gitsaki: Thank you for the opportunity
06:37:10 Birgit Pitscheider: Thank you to everyone! I will take a break and join the European track later on
06:37:28 Christina Gitsaki: can’t hear
06:37:32 Amita Krautloher: Please share the sound Prue
06:37:37 Amita Krautloher: Can’t hear Jim
06:37:47 Christina Gitsaki: increase volume?
06:37:58 Christina Gitsaki: can hear but faintly
06:38:46 Christina Gitsaki: all good now
06:39:05 Christina Gitsaki: Thank youPrue!
06:42:19 Amita Krautloher: Yes, watched it – so beautiful!!
06:43:26 Wei Lin: I have to join another meeting. Thank you all!
06:43:54 Christina Gitsaki: Wonderful!
06:44:08 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2022: Thank you for attending !
06:44:28 Christina Gitsaki: It’s been a wonderful experience!
06:49:46 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2022: Conference link for Part 2 of Today’s IUT session:
06:49:46 Amita Krautloher: Thanks Prue you have been a wonderful moderator
06:49:54 Christina Gitsaki: Thank you Prue!
06:50:03 Kheng Yew Tsung: Thanks Prue!

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