Europe/Middle East/Africa Focus

Keynote 2: Using Systemic Interventions to Humanize the Classroom

Irene Nikandrou & Leda Panayotopoulou (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece),

Janina Tosic (Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Teaching is more than conveying content. Our role is to create a safe learning environment that facilitates interactions between participants and to incorporate emerging issues into our design. As educators, we need to take into account the broader socio-economic context as well as the intra- and interpersonal experiences of our students. We need to facilitate learning experiences that allow our students to develop holistically as human beings. In this keynote session you will experience the power of systemic interventions and we will discuss goals and outcomes of these exercises. You will leave the keynote with concrete ideas for your own courses and learn more about how systemic interventions shape individuals, relationships, and the general atmosphere in the classroom.

Keynote 2: Discussion

00:40:45 Janina Tosic:
01:23:11 Anne Tierney: That was a great group discussion
01:23:43 Michael Habersam: Thank you all!
01:24:46 Anne Tierney: Thank you Lucie and Group 6
01:24:53 Lucie Viktorová: Agree, thank you too!
01:24:54 Karen Hayes: Great job Lucie 🙂
01:25:04 Michael Habersam: Thank you Lucie
01:25:17 Elizabeth Black: Thanks Fadia
01:25:37 Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija: my pleasure
01:26:44 Birgit Pitscheider: The educator today has many new challenges and opportunities, values personal connections and still smiles
01:27:02 Birgit Pitscheider: Thank you, Bastian 🙂
01:27:16 Janina Tosic: Thank you everybody for participating in this sharing excercise!
01:27:43 Steve Tucker: Very interesting exercise!
02:12:54 Laila El Ghandour: Yes that will be great, I’m very intrested
02:12:55 Birgit Pitscheider: Thank you so much for this encouraging keynote, Irene, Leda and Janina!
02:12:57 Maya Bitsadze: Thank you, for the session, very interesting!
02:12:59 Bastian Mrosko: Thank you for the great workshop