Special: Engaging with Educational Research:

Five Ideas from the
Literature to Improve Student-Faculty Collaboration

Anne Margaret Tierney (Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, UK)

Jump to the 15:00 minute mark to see Anne’s presentation.

00:18:05 Sigal Tifferet: Beautiful slides 🙂
00:25:24 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2021: Googling now!
00:32:05 Sigal Tifferet: Is the scale available online so I can use it in my classes?
00:58:01 Sigal Tifferet: https://youtu.be/EMha9JiM8aM
01:18:42 Prue Gonzalez | IUT Conference 2021: This comment really resonates with me!
01:20:40 sg71: Apologies need to go Anne. I had a wonderful time and thanks for the ideas…Stella
01:35:52 Sigal Tifferet: Thank you, Anne. Your talk gave me many ideas
01:36:07 Bela Gupta Pearl Academy: Thank u Ann