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The Development of Quality Programs in Higher Education

Greg Auhl,* Denise Wood, and Sally McCarthy, Division of Learning & Teaching, Charles Sturt University, Australia Abstract Developing quality programs in higher education, across international jurisdictions, is becoming more challenging as a variety of stakeholders demand greater input into curriculum development processes. These multiple stakeholders include professional bodies, governments, ‘consumers’ of higher education qualifications and […]

Transforming Minds — Interactive Craft Education in India

Saroj Bala* and Lisha Malhotra, Pearl Academy, India Abstract There is a danger of traditional crafts losing their value as the technology occupies more space in the Indian education system. How can traditional crafts be taught in innovative ways to make them attractive to the young generation?  After all, this is the generation which has […]

Transitioning Points of View: Participating in a Faculty Learning Community at Edinburgh Napier University

Laura Ennis,* Information Services, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland Abstract Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) are formal, time-bound, and selective communities that encourage collaborative enhancement of teaching and learning. Based on the model developed by Milton D. Cox (2004), the first FLC at Edinburgh Napier University was founded in 2018 intending to explore the ways in which […]

Stem Education Reversed: Enhancing Science and Technology Awareness in Social Science and Humanities Students

Elke Hemminger,* Department of Sociology/Social Work, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany Michael Waltemathe, Department of Protestant Theology, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany Abstract A lack of science and technology awareness impairs students in the humanities and social sciences in their participation in social discourse about science and technology. However, students express the wish that innovative technology, science […]

Academic Adjustment and Maladjustment: An Assessment of Ahmadu Bello University’s Adviser-Advisee Scheme

Michael Kwanashie,* Department of Economics,  Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria Helen Kwanashie, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria Abstract In an attempt to revamp the Adviser-Advisee Scheme at Ahmadu Bello University, a pilot study was conducted to unearth the challenges experienced by Faculty (advisers) and Students (advisees) operating the scheme, as well as […]

Reality According to People (A Seminar to Learn Academic Thinking)

Alexandra Lehmann*, Department of Psychology, Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Bochum, Germany Elke Hemminger, Department of Sociology, Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Bochum, Germany Abstract Beginning their course of study at university confronts students with many challenges, such as to test theories concerning their plausibility and credibility. The internet, with its wide variety on information, […]

A Systemic Intervention for Engaging First-Year Students: The Context Matters

Leda Panayotopoulou* and Irene Nikandrou, Department of Marketing & Communication, Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece Abstract In this paper we present the theoretical framework of a training intervention designed for first-year students in their first semester. Our vision was to help them in their transition from a narrow and protected environment (family and […]