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Using Semantic Differential to Explore Life Sciences Academics’ Perceptions of Academic Identity

Semantic Differential was used as a means to collect quantitative data about UK Life Science Academics’ perceptions of Academic Identity. Data were analysed using Mann-Whitney U Test and Effect Size. The purpose was to investigate potential differences in perception of Academic Identity between traditional “Research-Teaching” and “Teaching-Only” academics. Perceptual differences were also investigated between other academic groupings. Analysis revealed significant differences between groups of Life Science academics in areas of Research and Pedagogy. In practice, this has the potential to impact on student learning due to subconscious priority-setting by academics. However, it is also an opportunity for Educational Developers to support engagement with SoTL, developing both individuals and institutions’ expertise in Teaching and Learning. Semantic Differential was used to investigate differences in perceptions of Academic Identity in UK Life Scientists. Differences were found in perceptions of Research and Teaching, in three different academic groupings.

The Effects of a Teaching Development Program for New Academics on Their Teaching Practice

This paper reports on the evaluation of a Program for Academic Induction in Teaching (PIAD), which is carried out every year at PUC for new academic staff. The program introduces new teachers to student-centred active pedagogy with the aim of developing their teaching practice, particularly their planning skills, teaching methodologies, and learning assessment methods. The evaluation of the program shows that the goals were achieved and that the participants were satisfied with the sessions. A further study is currently being carried out to identify the potential effects of the program on their teaching planning, methodologies and assessment methods. The preliminary results of this study will be presented here.